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It was an early start this evening, it being Christmas

Party night with a full complement of members, all in

good cheer and looking forward to an evening of good

music from Kevin and his Quintet including Jeremy

Huggett. Members will remember these two under the

banner of “The Dart Valley Stompers” in August last.

The line up for the “Jazz Giants” consisted of James

Clemas on piano, Jeremy Huggett on clarinet and

tenor and soprano saxes and vocals, Kevin Grenfell

on trumpet and trombone, vocals and comedy, Simon

Smith on double-bass and Jools Aldridge on drums.

The music commenced with a rousing number called

“Algiers Strut” and continued up to the break with a

good mixture of fast swing and slower numbers, eight

in all , with a fine boogie-woogie solo by pianist James


There was then an interval of an hour for the Christmas

buffet. On recommencing a t 9.00 p.m. we were

treated to a fine arrangement of the fast flowing tune

“Running Wild”. I believe this was a tune from the

film “Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe.

The evening continued with a further seven numbers

up to the finale with tunes from “Satchmo”, Fats

Waller etc. with vocals from Kevin, “Pennies From

Heaven”, and both Kevin and Jeremy on “Bye Bye

Blackbird” with members singing along. Throughout

the evening, there were solo spots from Jools (drums),

Simon (bass)and James (piano) and the usual comedy

flowing from Kevin, who could cover as a comedian

as well as being a top of the range musician.

All in all this was a first class performance by five first

class, very smartly dressed musicians, which was well

appreciated by the members for the music and the

jokes. Thanks must also go to the club organisers and

the Fisherman’s Rest staff who provided a really good


A Merry Christmas to everyone.

Guy Thorns

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